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Bounce Back Loans

March 2023

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Description of the seminar

The seminar, “Bounce Back Loans,” held in March 2023, covered aspects of the duties and obligations of Insolvency Practitioners with regards to Bounce Back Loans. Led by Mrs. Shelley Bullman, this seminar provided invaluable insights into the landscape of Insolvency.

About the Key Speaker

Mrs. Shelley Bullman is Director of SB Insolvency and former Head of Monitoring at the Insolvency Practitioners Association. Mrs. Shelley played an important role in establishing the monitoring protocols for the 2016 Insolvency Rules.


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“Ashok has been dealing with our insolvency work since 1979 – we like his professional and friendly approach, that’s why he is still our preferred IP.”

Dale Greenhead

“We have been working with Bhardwaj Insolvency Practitioners for a number of years. Their vision of any problems faced by clients is limitless. Their advice most often leads to an opportunity that normally reduces the problem. Clients are put at ease and are often given the confidence to recover their mishaps and to venture forward having learnt their mistakes. A great firm to work with.”

Pali Singh

“Baverstocks have been using Bhardwaj for over 30 years and Ashok and his staff have always provided an excellent, timely and efficient service for us in a friendly and professional manner.”

Jeremy Hollingsworth